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Acosta Has Meltdown: If You Want To Protect George Washington’s Statue You Are “White Nationalist-Lite!”

CNN’s greatest twit Jim Acosta went to Trump Tower to whined that President Trump is happy with saying ‘white patriot’ thoughts, for example, not having any desire to tear down George Washington’s statue!

“[Trump has] felt exceptionally open to upholding a few perspectives that are — extremely, I mean, I would state they’re practically white patriot lite, in that, he was whining, weeping over the expulsion of Confederate statues the nation over and asking regardless of whether George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are next,” said Acosta. You hear that? On the off chance that you don’t need George Washington’s statue torn down you are ‘white patriot lite’.

“Those images of the Confederacy cause so much hurt, cause such a great amount of agony for such a variety of Americans the nation over, that it is truly reasonable to most practical, sound Americans that these sorts of landmarks, these sorts of images in the long run simply need to descend,” said Acosta.

“Furthermore, to contrast them with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, I surmise that is quite recently additionally going to be taken, Wolf, as a sign that the president maybe needs a refresher course, needs to backpedal to History 101. Since I think those sorts of comments are quite recently going to be profoundly, profoundly agitating. What’s more, remember, in quite recently the most recent a few minutes, David Duke, the previous Grand Wizard of the KKK, put out an announcement expressing gratitude toward the president for what he stated, lauding the president for what he said,” said Acosta.

Since President Trump made his remarks, Al Sharpton, CNN, and others have upheld for tearing down the statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Look at the video underneath.

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