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BREAKING: Trump calling James Comey a ‘nut job’ to Russian authority simply more red meat for haters

The Friday Failing New York Times disclosure that President Trump called previous F.B.I. Executive James Comey a “crackpot” to Russian authorities going to the Oval Office should be a piece of the day’s fabricated media Trump discussion (or three, or however many they’re serving nowadays).

Rather, it just demonstrates the president being maybe a bit too severely genuine, yet legit in any case.

As indicated by the report, a record abridging the Oval Office meeting and perused to the Times by a U.S. official records Trump as saying, “I simply terminated the leader of the F.B.I. He was insane, a genuine wacko.”

Perhaps it was rough for Trump to state that so anyone can hear, however truly, what other conclusions would we be able to come to about Mr. Comey?

Consider the confirmation…


It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, when James Comey discharged or brought on to be discharged a reminder purportedly demonstrating or possibly claiming that President Trump carried out the extreme wrongdoing of hindrance of equity AFTER Comey himself affirmed a while after the charged check that there was without a doubt NO block, how could a sound individual characterize such conduct as originating from anybody yet a wacko?

Furthermore, why might Comey discharge or cause to be discharged such a notice when he would have been his legitimate obligation to report the “wrongdoing” right when it happened, not three months after the fact after he gets let go? Truth be told, to not do as such, were it a genuine wrongdoing, could arrive the previous F.B.I. executive in prison.

Sounds kinda nut-job to me…

At that point, obviously, there’s the entire Hillary Clinton email outrage, where Comey confronted the country and recorded her various wrongdoings before continuing to let her free since she didn’t expect to infringe upon any laws, or something.

Presently if that is not the activities of an aggregate weird, I don’t recognize what is.

In this way, from the man who gave us Low Energy Jeb, Lyin’ Ted and Crooked Hillary, the man who is second to none at infectious epithets, comes Nut Job Comey.

Obviously, it’s conceivable this could be valid too (from the farce Spicier account)…

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