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DHS Denies $400K Grant Reserved For Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation

The Department of Homeland Security has some terrible news for the Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation, and we definitely know who will impact the President for doing this. Muslims the nation over were left with next to nothing, and we’re sitting tight for Obama’s response to this.

As indicated by authorities at the Department of Homeland Security, Muslims won’t get the $393,000 Countering Violent Extremism concede. Yes, this is the exceptionally same allow previous Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson guaranteed them.

This establishment had the main objective to get semi-isolated Islamic political groups and gatherings into the counter fear based oppression “machine.”

This happened just before President Donald Trump crossed out the 2017 Islamic “Iftar” supper. Democrats scrutinized the President for this choice, yet they are prepared to reprimand each choice President Trump makes. Our pioneer realized that Obama’s heritage needed to end, and this convention was first on his rundown.

Muslims couldn’t sit tight for this “Iftar” supper to be planned, on the grounds that that is their exclusive apparatus to express their gigantic political energy to different represetatives of solid Islamic countries. Presently we know the genuine source of their outrage.

This is not the first run through Obama attempted to offer cash to his Muslim companions. He was additionally attempting to affirm another $800,000 for the Islamic theological college in Los Angeles. This concede was dropped, as well.

DHS Denies Grant to Islamic Radicalization Enabler MPAC Finally some sense in our Govt! Thank you @POTUS 🇺🇸

— Kathy L 🇺🇸 (@HH_kathy) June 27, 2017

As per a DHS representative, the office has considered each key component and information given by the candidates. Authorities are attempting to decide if the candidates have effectively attempted to direct any counteractive action programs concentrated on brutal radicalism. The same applies to encounter each of the candidates has.

Americans endorse this, since we as a whole realize that President Trump is making the best choice. We can just hold up to see Obama’s response to this choice. He will despise it.

What do you think about this data? Do you think the Department of Homeland Security settled on a decent choice? By what method will previous president Barack Obama respond to this?

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