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ALL OVER: After Failing On ObamaCare AGAIN, McConnell Did What NOBODY Expected

The previous evening was a disastrous night for each Republican who was planning to see ObamaCare at last get tossed in the waste and supplanted with something better. The previous evening, Republicans fizzled a minor nullification vote by one single individual.

After the last awful misfortune, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell comprehended what he needed to do. He addressed everyone, looked his partners in their countenances and:

Mitch McConnell CRIED on the Senate Floor.

This was not a fake cry, either. No organized tears. This was a man who was grief stricken and furthermore understands that his chance as Majority Leader of the Senate is up. You can watch him stifle over his words.

The saddest piece of all was watching Senator McConnell tell every one of the Republicans, “It’s a great opportunity to proceed onward.”

You know, the thing is that I really concurred with nearly everything Mitch said in that discourse. Indeed, on the off chance that anybody is to be faulted for this misfortune, it was the Democrats who block everything and the 3 Republicans who voted no: GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and John McCain (Arizona).

In this way, now we have the names of the Republicans who declined to meet up for a nullification that was so little they called it “thin Obamacare”. Should these 3 get re-chose? Remark your answer and offer this out all over.

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