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“Good Riddance, Mr. President!” Krauthammer Gave Obama Beatdown Of A Lifetime For What He Did [VIDEO]

It is genuinely pitiful that liberals, who are still trying to claim ignorance that America now has a Republican in the White House, continuing giving honor upon honor to Democratic presidential disappointment Barack Obama just as he were deserving of being cut onto Mt. Rushmore.

In the most recent profane show of stooping over ex-President Obama, he was quite recently given the Profile in Courage Award at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in South Boston. He was given the honor via Caroline Kennedy, previous President Kennedy’s little girl. Fox News giver Charles Krauthammer was disturbed by what happened, and got Obama out for it.

Said Krauthammer on Special Report with Bret Baier about Obama’s priggish and belittling discourse in tolerating this honor from individual preposterous, elitist liberals, “It’s been an entire 100 days yet it’s decent to be helped to remember why we ought to be thankful as a country that he is no more. There are a great deal of contentions you can make on either side of the open deliberation about Obamacare however see how it was finished good haughtiness. Alternate folks are weaklings since I, and the general population who bolster me, and contradict the enactment, remain with poor people and the harassed and the greater part of that and the others are in favor of the rich and capable. That is gibberish.”

Krauthammer then hit Obama hard for his conviction that he was “in favor of blessed messengers,” saying, “Obama did that every single through howdy administration – continually expecting he was in favor of the heavenly attendants and dependably the person who was eager to conflict with general assessment when it was totally the inverse. He reminded us, reminded me, it’s been 100 days, however no love lost, Mr. President.”

Amid his appalling discourse, the divisive Obama went after Republican-controlled Congress, saying, “As everybody here now knows, this extraordinary level headed discussion is not settled, but rather proceeds. It is my intense expectation, and the expectation of millions, that paying little mind to gathering, such bravery is as yet conceivable, that today’s individuals from Congress, paying little heed to gathering, will take a gander at the actualities and talk reality, notwithstanding when it negates party positions.” How glad would you say you are that Obama is at long last gone for good? Watch below.

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