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HUGE Social Security Scandal ROCKS WASHINGTON – Senior Citizens Affected…

Its a dependable fact that the Social Security framework in this nation is a flat out chaos. In any case, another review has quite recently uncovered something that demonstrates that it is entirely much more awful than we ever could have envisioned…

Moderate Fighters announced that another review months into Donald Trump’s administration recently affirmed that the Social Security Administration paid out over $1 billion in advantages to individuals that don’t have government managed savings numbers. This implies individuals who should get any advantages whatsoever were given over $1 billion-worth of them.

In the course of recent years, eight of which Barack Obama was in office, the SSA paid out $1 billion to 22,426 agent payees who did not have a government disability number and who the SSA did not take after its arrangement to get a paper application from. Obviously, there was a noteworthy blemish in the way that the SSA was reporting their “agent payees.”

“[U]nless it makes restorative move, we evaluate SSA will pay about $182.5 million in benefits, yearly, to delegate payees who don’t have a SSN or paper application supporting their determination,” the investigator general said.

Far more terrible is the way that the auditor general additionally found that the SSA paid $853.1 million since 2004 to agent payees that had been ended by the office.

It’s disgusting that Obama did nothing to stop this obtrusive manhandle amid his time in office. What do you think about this? Tell us your considerations in the remarks segment.

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