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“This Man Is A Hero. He Has Balls” Syrians Voice Their True Opinions About Trump After Assad Airstrike

The media is attempting their hardest to make President Trump resemble a beast for assaulting Assad in Syria. In any case, many battling Syrians are greatly thankful for what Trump did. This is the story the predominant press will never share.

“It was the most joyful news that I’ve heard in my life,” says a man distinguishing as Ahmad, disclosed to Public Radio International. “”hen you stroll in Khan Sheikhoun you can see blesses individuals’ appearances when they hear there was an assault on the criminal Bashar al-Assad,” he clarified.

A seven year old young lady Bana Alabed tweeted a card to say thanks to President Trump. “I am a Syrian tyke who endured under Bashar al Asad and Putin. I invite Donald Trump activity against the enemies of my kin. Putin and Bashar al Asad besieged my school, murdered my companions and victimized my adolescence. It’s a great opportunity to rebuff the enemies of youngsters in Syria,” said Alabed.

An English instructor in revolt held Syria Wissam Zarqa likewise told the radio station how gratefull he is for president Trump. “At long last, the global group is responding in the correct way, focusing on a military focus on that is making demise a large number of regular citizens. In the course of recent years we’ve become frustrated with the universal group, nothing, simply viewing. This is first time the genuine reason for all the inconvenience in Syria is being focused on,” said Zarqa.

As per The Telegraph, one man Qusai Zakaria said that “I will name my child Donald, in the event that I have one. This man is a saint. He has balls.”

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