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Man Who Survived Assad’s Chemical Attack Shocks With Blunt 3-Word Response To Trump Bombing Them

In the hours since 59 rockets descended upon Syria, the world has been discussing the phenomenal move America’s pioneer made that no one saw coming following eight years of inactivity and expression of remorse. While the scope has been relentless and there’s no lack of level headed discussion over this choice, nothing has been gotten notification from the ones he did it for — the casualties gassed by their pioneer. Presently, small time who made it out alive has quite recently conveyed a limit reaction to President Trump that says everything in only three words.

Qusai Zakarya got away Bashar al-Assad’s savage gas assault past to this one and was fortunate to get out before it murdered him. Despite the fact that he was harmed in the synthetic ambush, he lived to discuss it and utilized those words to make a guarantee to America’s leader who went to his safeguard, when he and different Syrians realized that it was something Barack Obama could never do.

Zakarya offers a similar conclusion with numerous different regular folks in the war-torn Middle Eastern nation, that this counter assault was a long-lasting coming and they’re happy somebody at last ventured into prevent it from happening once more. When addressing The Telegraph, Zakarya put it his reaction in the least difficult of terms promising to name his child Donald in the event that he makes them include that “This man is a legend. He has balls.”

“This will give individuals trust. It’s about expectation,” Zakarya told the news outlet from his home in Washington, where he now lives and fills in as a dissident subsequent to escaping Syria in 2014. “This is a distinct advantage; it’s another time that demonstrates that America will really accomplish something. It appears there are genuine red lines in Syria. He shut his remarks by demonstrating his saint’s words: “Like Donald Trump says, ‘This is enormous’.”

While the world watches and Americans battle about the counter assault being correct or wrong, a casualty who has been gassed by Assad has a legitimate supposition on the matter. He realizes that this current synthetic assault wouldn’t have occurred after the one he survived had the pioneer of the world’s superpower “had the balls” to make a move some time recently.

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