Melania Trump Hosts Military Picnic

.@POTUS & I were honored to host members of military & families for a picnic at the @whitehouse this evening. #HappyIndependenceDay pic.twitter.com/40XI2iuFzM

— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) July 4, 2017

Michelle Obama did everything for herself and no one else. At whatever point she facilitated festivities for individuals from the nation she generally must be the focal point of consideration and a great many individuals over the United States disliked that. That is the reason we at long last can be pleased with what we have in the White House. The Trump family is making an astounding showing with regards to of making America extraordinary once more. They are buckling down for all Americans and they are doing it not for the distinction, but rather for the general population. The Obamas worked in the direct inverse way.

Melania Trump simply accomplished something stunning for military families in the United States. It is a convention of the president to have a cookout festivity for military families on the fourth of July. In any case, under Obama it was not as much as incredible. Michelle was scarcely a piece of it and when she was, she needed to have everything her way. Melania simply close her down for sure.

As should be obvious from the tweet, Melania was extremely amped up for how the excursion went. It went over easily, much how everything else she does goes. We have to get used to seeing stuff like this from the First Lady as we have another sheriff around the local area.

Thank you to the @USNavy Country Current & @USArmy Down Range bands for performing at tonight’s picnic to honor the military. #Happy4th pic.twitter.com/hUjAlPUPrG

— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) July 5, 2017

Melania Trump is brimming with class. This is something we couldn’t say in regards to our previous First Lady. Numerous traditionalists were humiliated about what they had living in the White House. The Obamas basically did not think about helping our nation show signs of improvement. Truth be told, many could contend that they made it far, far more regrettable. Those days are authoritatively finished as we have President Trump buckling down for each and every individual in the United States.

Is it accurate to say that you are pleased to see Melania Trump buckling down for our military families?

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