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Obama Could See His Pension Go Away

Barack Obama is an extremely rich man. For one talking occasion alone he makes near $400,000 every year, a crazy measure of cash. We haven’t said the galactic measure of cash he and Michelle make from their book bargain. These are all things we need to remember when we consider the $200,000 he makes every year with his benefits alone. Does a man that is worth over $40 million truly need to make a benefits worth that much. It appears to be touchy, best case scenario. There are reasons annuities were set up, yet those reasons are a distant memory with the crazy measure of cash presidents have now.

You can wager that President Donald Trump won’t take a penny of his benefits after he leaves office. He would feel to remorseful taking something he needn’t bother with. In any case, that is not how Obama feels. Obama will effectively be as avaricious as could reasonably be expected.

We are at last beginning to see some move made on this position, be that as it may. One traditionalist is taking things into his own particular hands. Jason Chaffetz has turned out with another bill that would dispose of annuities if a president makes over $400,000 a year. It appears glaringly evident that $400,000 is a lot of cash and somebody making that much does not require any longer out of the citizens’ pockets.

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