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Rush Limbaugh DROPS NUKE on Obama – Reveals His True Identity…

On Monday, it was affirmed that Barack Obama’s previous national security consultant Susan Rice was the official who asked for the unmasking of Donald Trump move authorities that were made up for lost time in the reconnaissance of remote authorities. Presently, preservationist radio host Rush Limbaugh has separated to his fans how precisely Obama kept an eye on Trump amid the race.

At last, Rush saw something that no one else did, and it clarifies everything.

So all things being equal they’re stating it’s a diversion since Rice didn’t do anything illicit. But she did on the off chance that she requested this data without it being a piece of an examination. What’s more, here’s something imperative to recollect people. The White House can’t do examinations.

he White House does not do examinations. The FBI researches. The CIA examines. The NSA examines. Be that as it may, the White House does not examine.

So if the White House is examining, something’s as of now off-base. All the White House does — and the FBI executive James Comey even conceded this in the latest round of congressional hearings.

He said the White House is a buyer of what we do, which means the White House would devour the outcomes, the examination, and the information of examinations they direct.

The White House does not do examinations. What’s more, if the White House is doing examinations, it’s not on the grounds that they’re investigating criminal things. This is on account of they are occupied with political action. The White House is not an investigative office of the government. It is most certainly not. There are different components of the official branch that do examinations.

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