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TRUMP WAS RIGHT: After Reince Priebus Got Fired, He Went on Live TV & Did the UNTHINKABLE

The predominant press couldn’t WAIT to report the news that Reince Priebus had surrendered as President Trump’s head of staff. This fair adds to their fake account that Trump has lost control. CNN and others had been revealing around “strains” in the White House prompting Reince’s flight.

Yet, only two or three days after he surrendered, Priebus went on CNN and stunned everybody. Priebus joined Wolf Blitzer for a restrictive meeting and did the unfathomable.

Rather than bashing Trump, as CNN and Wolf needed him to do, Reince Priebus commended President Trump and discussed how incredible of a vocation he is doing. Reince likewise uncovered that he was still in the White House, working with President Trump to guarantee a smooth progress to the following head of staff. Wolf was stunned, and continued attempting to push CNN’s false story around “pressures,” however Reince was having none of it.

Reince went much further by applauding President Trump’s decision to supplant him. The way that Reince was in the White House, days subsequent to handing over his acquiescence, demonstrates that there is no genuine “turmoil” at the White House. Only a smooth change, with Reince going out still close with President Trump and one of his greatest fans. WATCH the video underneath then SHARE on Facebook so it turns into a web sensation!

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