The Way Mike Pence Dealt With North Korean Troops Was So Badass That The Media Calls Him A ‘Gangster’

Mike Pence took a visit to the neutral territory in North Korea where he had a gaze down with North Korean Soldiers. Mike Pence went assist into the zone than Security had arranged. The troopers supposedly took photographs of him. In a CNN meet later on Dana Bash called him a “hoodlum”.

“They are tuning in. The delegate diplomat says it sounds like you and the organization are demanding criminal like rationale. That the possibility of an intrusion of the sovereign country, discussing your comments right on time about Syria and Afghanistan, diminishes the probability this can end gently. Are you worried that what you are stating is being taken in North Korea as saber-rattling regardless of the way that you’re likewise discussing tact?” asked CNN’s Dana Bash.

“I think what truly matters to the president, what nations that we’ve gone by are worried about are the foolhardy and flighty activities of the administration in Pyongyang. Another fizzled rocket endeavor despite this end of the week, a remarkable number of ballistic rocket tests, testing atomic weapons twice in the most recent year. The time has truly desired North Korea to get the message,” said Pence.

“As the president says, it’s the ideal opportunity for them to act, to tune in to the world group and to set aside their atomic aspirations, their ballistic rocket desire, and join the group of countries,” proceeded with Pence.

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